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Honest Mamas Podcast

Supporting women emotionally & spiritually on the motherhood journey.
Three psychotherapists, moms, and friends share stories & interviews about pregnancy, fertility, parenting, motherhood and much more. The Honest Mama founders are Sophie Darch McEntee, LMFT, Melissa Divaris Thompson, LMFT and Claire R. Colaço, LMFT.

Podcast produced by Pete Bailey.

Dec 5, 2017

Welcome to episode eighteen of the Honest Mamas Podcast! Today, we speak to Brahmani Liebman about the process of a mom finding herself again after having children.

Brahmani Liebman, MSEd, is an internationally recognized yoga teacher in the Kripalu tradition. She founded The Rivertown Center for Yoga and Health and was director and head teacher for over 20 years. Brahmani is currently co-creator & director (with Jashoda Edmunds) of Journey Into Yoga School of Yoga & Meditation RYS – Workshops, Retreats and Yoga Teacher Trainings. She is former co-director of Kripalu Yoga Teacher Association (KYTA) and presently part of the senior faculty of Kripalu Yoga Teacher Training Team.

Brahmani is a Phoenix Rising yoga therapist, Transcendental Reiki Master/Teacher and Multi-dimensional Life counselor who integrates decades of Yogic and Buddhist Studies into all her teaching. She loves co-teaching with a diverse group of Master teachers including Sylvia Boorstein & Sharon Salzberg. A wife, mother and grandmother she is dedicated to the path of householder. Believing in people's ability to access healing and inner knowing, Brahmani offers tangible and sustainable ways to connect to boundless loving presence and live a spiritual life. 

What you’ll hear in this episode

  • Internal knowing – how to tap back into back into your intuition and knowing yourself
  • The conflicting messages we can receive from all the different people in our lives
  • The wanting we have for a wise elder in our lives to help us through having children
  • Recommendations for women when birth plans don’t go exactly as expected
  • Why it’s important to ask all the questions you want to with your doctor
  • Reconnecting with your inner voice through meditation
  • How to help women when people disagree with their inner knowing
  • Tapping into Metta - loving-kindness meditation
  • Channeling your inner positive energy to be kind to others