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Honest Mamas Podcast

Supporting women emotionally & spiritually on the motherhood journey.
Three psychotherapists, moms, and friends share stories & interviews about pregnancy, fertility, parenting, motherhood and much more. The Honest Mama founders are Sophie Darch McEntee, LMFT, Melissa Divaris Thompson, LMFT and Claire R. Colaço, LMFT.

Podcast produced by Pete Bailey.

May 1, 2018

Episode 39: Preparing a Supportive Postpartum Birth Plan

Welcome to episode thirty-nine of the Honest Mamas Podcast! Today, Sophie speaks Adriana Lozada about how to prepare a supportive postpartum birth plan.

Adriana’s life can be defined as before and after being pregnant with Anika, her 11 yr. old daughter. If you’re a parent, surely you can relate.

Before having a child, Adriana was at the forefront of new media. After graduating in Communication Studies in Montreal, Canada, she co-founded a newspaper and media company in Venezuela. In the late 90’s she co-founded a network of youth sites in Spanish and was named one of CNN en Español 20 “Latin American Leaders of the Internet” for 2000.

Then the internet bubble burst, her home-country unraveled, her world collapsed. It was time to move on. She married, spent a year living on a sailboat, and got pregnant. Lucky for her and for you. She likes doing hard things: being a parent is the hardest thing she’s ever done.

After giving birth, Adriana became increasingly passionate about helping others on their maternity journeys. The fire to make a difference started from a place of outrage (have you noticed the broken state of maternity care? the non-existence of paid family leave in the US?), which she has since focused into a torch that lights her way towards supporting new parents to have joyful and satisfying birth and postpartum experiences.

 What you’ll hear in this episode

  • How Adriana became interested in supporting new mothers
  • The best ways we can support mothers through the birth experience
  • Understanding the concept of a birth “hangover”
  • Creating a more supportive system for new moms
  • Steps that pregnant women can take for the postpartum period
  • Understanding that not everything needs to be perfect after having a baby
  • Why we are now starting to better understand why the mothers experience matters
  • Self-care practices that are useful for the partners
  • Remembering that having a new baby is a team effort