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Honest Mamas Podcast

Supporting women emotionally & spiritually on the motherhood journey.
Three psychotherapists, moms, and friends share stories & interviews about pregnancy, fertility, parenting, motherhood and much more. The Honest Mama founders are Sophie Darch McEntee, LMFT, Melissa Divaris Thompson, LMFT and Claire R. Colaço, LMFT.

Podcast produced by Pete Bailey.

Mar 13, 2018

Welcome to episode thirty-two of the Honest Mamas Podcast! Today we speak to Kelsey Vander Vliet about being a birth mother.

Kelsey Vander Vliet is a 25-year-old in Indianapolis, Indiana, and placed her son in May 2016. Kelsey decided on open adoption after an abortion procedure miraculously failed. After placement, life was tough. 

She has found that a healthy balance of helping yourself and helping others is quite therapeutic. She attends a birth mom support group in the South Bend, Indiana area to help herself, and is active in her community in helping others. She works for the Adoption Support Center in Indianapolis.

She believes that if you repeat the pattern of serving others, you will start to see not only the blessings that will come your way, but the blessings that you already have.


What you’ll hear in this episode

  • The circumstances which led to Kelsey becoming a birth mom
  • How the experience changed her life
  • The process and journey of choosing the parents for her son
  • The difficulties of separation after the birth
  • Creating the right plan with adoptive parents
  • The vulnerability that takes place in this situation
  • The importance to overcome the stigma surrounding birth moms