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Honest Mamas Podcast

Supporting women emotionally & spiritually on the motherhood journey.
Three psychotherapists, moms, and friends share stories & interviews about pregnancy, fertility, parenting, motherhood and much more. The Honest Mama founders are Sophie Darch McEntee, LMFT, Melissa Divaris Thompson, LMFT and Claire R. Colaço, LMFT.

Podcast produced by Pete Bailey.

Feb 13, 2018

Welcome to episode twenty-eight of the Honest Mamas Podcast! Today, we speak to Taylor Ross about raising an emotionally intelligent family.

Taylor Ross is a Trauma-Informed Parenting Consultant who works with clients online and in her Northern California office. She provides an empathic space, practical tools, and knowledge of the current research to help parents support their children and foster an emotionally intelligent family culture. Taylor Ross’ passion for supporting the emotional wellbeing of families has led her to seek a unique variety of trainings. She is a U-Mass Boston Early Childhood Mental Health graduate, has certificates in Buddhist Psychology and Meditation, and Non-Violent Parenting and Education. She is in her third year of Somatic Experiencing Trauma Training and has been trained in Mediation and Parenting Coordination. Through support, information, and hard work, she strives to help transform difficult dynamics and behaviors into rich, connected family relationships.

What you’ll hear in this episode

  • How Taylor became interested in supporting parents
  • What it means to be an emotionally intelligent family
  • The need for compassion as we go through this important work
  • Understanding the deeper truths about parenting
  • Learning to take responsibility of our nervous system
  • How the needs of parents play into this dynamic
  • Coping with your emotional triggers
  • Setting our lives in a way we can be more successful