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Honest Mamas Podcast

Supporting women emotionally & spiritually on the motherhood journey.
Three psychotherapists, moms, and friends share stories & interviews about pregnancy, fertility, parenting, motherhood and much more. The Honest Mama founders are Sophie Darch McEntee, LMFT, Melissa Divaris Thompson, LMFT and Claire R. Colaço, LMFT.

Podcast produced by Pete Bailey.

Jan 2, 2018

Welcome to episode twenty of the Honest Mamas Podcast, todaySophie and Claire talk about anger.


What you’ll hear in this episode


  • How anger is an intense but useful emotion
  • Why does anger appear so frequently in mothering?
  • The taboo that exists around anger and how women express it
  • The importance to have a shared community that will understand your anger is normal
  • Finding alone time whilst mothering to find a space of calm and mindfulness
  • How the fight or flight response plays into anger
  • Understanding that mistakes will happen and that they’re perfectly normal